The OLD way: Try to squeeze in every last bit of niche knowledge and share everything you've ever touched, tasted, explored or experienced to *prove* your expertise to an ideal reader or audience.

The problem with this approach? You never actually FINISH the book - it leads to perpetual procrastination, author overwhelm, feature creep (which for authors means, adding too much information) and if you DO actually get your book done, it leads to AUDIENCE overwhelm, too.

(there is simply too much information for your reader to absorb, to actually either A. finish the book or B. take an action that actually helps you build your brand and business when finish.

The NEW way: Write a bridge book! What is a bridge book?

Here is the short, FB ad, every second of your fleeting attention is important, version

It's a book designed to INSPIRE (or invite) an experience.

The experience is what YOU (as the author) invite your reader to do at the end of the book that offers your audience a "rock star" transformation.

They get this experience NOT by having read your book (the book only builds the bridge from your real work) but by dint of immersing themselves in the experiential part of your practice.

(be it a local or virtual event, a coaching call, a class or course, a product or program, a private community - or anything that actually helps them heal a hurt, pop a pain, or leads them to make a major positive change/overcome a problem that has led them to lead a smaller, less fulfilling life than they truly crave or deserve.

There are many, many powerful examples of this process that we've created for "heart centered" entrepreneurs that you can ethically emulate, borrow and freely copy for your own brand or business. (and we're happy to help offer anyone who wants a gentle nudge in the right direction, free advice - simply inbox us here and we're happy to connect)

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