So you were really excited about (finally) writing your book

You did your due diligence.
FB ads.

You read a whole bunch of self congratulatory (and often contradictory) blog posts and social media updates from super successful (sounding) published authors with "best selling" books plastered all over their platforms.

You look at their Amazon page and wonder why their best sellers are ranked 12981722 in the world when there are only 12981723 books in existence.

You chalk it up to Jeff Bezos losing count at 100K and just guessing the rest.

But you cave.

And buy their 7 dollar ebook on how to make a gazillion dollars writing books on the interwebs.

And guess what?

You cave again.

This time upgrading to that *never ending*, but always *JUST about to expire* webinar that you've got to click quick to watch now.

(Stan from Seattle - you're on the clock)

And why the heck not?

You buy some other thingamajig because at this point - you're already in for $699 - so what's another $97 at this point? #winning!

( #notwinning)

And you do what we all do, before we don't do, what we all don't.

You start watching the webinars.
And reading the books.
And daydreaming the dream.

One day you even write a few pages.

But eventually, you go back to watching some CNN.

You wonder whether Wolf Blizter would be so damn sexy without his beard.

So you google pictures of Wolf Blitzer without a beard

And realize the internet is full of soccer dads who look remarkably like Wolf Blitzer.

This confuses you

So you go back to *not* writing your book

Tic toc

Life intervenes.

Time passes.

Time, as we all learn a decade too late - actually flies.

Now it's 6 months later.

And you're having a good day.
After're really good at what you do.

And you love it.
You were born to do this work.
Called to contribute.

And it happens again.

Someone tells you, - a client, a peer, a neighbor -

Hey......"You really ought to write a book!"

And know that it's true

So Deja Vu descends.

And you're back on Google.
And Facebook.
And Amazon.

Searching for the secret.
Hunting for help.

And BIG (not) surprise:

You're back to the same blogs

And the same silly people
The same silly products

The same goofy gimmicks and gurus

So here now

Wherever you are

Here we are.


All caught up :)

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