NEW #PODCAST! Ever get super inspired by a book, blog, manifesto, or brand mission statement that makes you want to become a bigger, BOLDER or better version of yourself?

Ever wonder what inspired that author or entrepreneur to actually step UP, stand out and be willing to share their inner lives with the rest of us?

We certainly have......and this is one of the main motivations for our new #PODCAST featuring some of the most inspiring authors & entrepreneurs around.

We'll be asking our guests a very simple question - "why did you write it"

...and then taking a deep dive into the amazing inspiring & often unexpected back stories behind some of our favorite books, blogs, brands and businesses working in the mindfulness, helping, healing, health, wealth & wellness spaces.

Have a book or blog you'd like to recommend? Inbox us on FB - or email us ([email protected]) to suggest a guest! Ian Hollander