We can't think our way out of a prison that's made up of thought - you have to find some other way to get out of jail.  So pay attention.  And act.  - Krishna Das

What a strange, scary, surreal and weird new world we're all waking up to.  

Every day feels a bit more odd than the next .  I'm finding myself seeking out the little glimmers of inspiration, innovation, collective introspection, caring, connection and compassion on display - to stay sane throughout the day.

(there are also a lot of dingbats in our midst, as some extra time on Twitter is making abundantly clear :)

I think the antidote to fear is action.   The antidote to rumination, perseveration and swimming in a sea of self concern is taking action.  

People ask me  - how do I stay sane, productive and profitable when the world seems to be falling apart?

For me, the answer is simple.

Find someone who you can help, and help them.

I'm also finding that I have a slight penchant to Catastrophizing.  There is a Buddhist concept called "papancha" which essentially points to the  the minds habit pattern of seeking out the worst possible outcome, and flexing your fear muscles around that future.

As a habitual over-thinker with a slight negativity bias, I'm seeing how easily my own mind can take a hard detour and go to some pretty dark places.....even while I maintain a cheery, optimistic attitude for others.

So I implore myself to act.  To step up and to serve.  Not just for the good of others, but for my own sanity as well.

And the beautiful thing is, it works.

After all, how many Walking Dead episodes can one re-watch through a single pandemic?  The answer, unfortunately, is all of them :)

“It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting.”  - Anonymous

"This is a handy way to remember the fact that smiling makes me happier, and acting as if I am confident makes me more confident, etc., and that changing my behavior is a great way to change my mind" - Kevin Kelly

Hope you are staying safe, and staying sane :)