What does the Hero do, next? If your life were a movie.....and you were the hero, what would you do differently, than you otherwise feel ordinarily called to create in the growing, flowing, evolving and unfolding story that is YOU?

In my own life, asking this simple question can have powerful and profound implications - moment by moment. Realizing and recognizing that we can always choose anew - to be bigger, bolder, braver.....more audacious or ambitious - more courageous, connected and compassionate - we aren't defined by our histories - or where we've been - or what we've done - ONLY by how we show up right NOW - in the only moment that matters. To me, this is like the ultimate #mindfulness alarm - a sturdy, steady reminder that I can always begin again.

And if the movie that is my life is starting now - with an anonymous audience of a billion eyeballs - waiting, cheering and hoping for a hero worth watching to appear on the screen - it makes forgetting my fears & forgiving my failures, foibles, frailties and all the rest - the only way to push the story forward.

It's not always easy. But this is the hero's journey - for all of us.. And that somewhere - someone is paying attention to what the hero does next. And that it may matter more than you ever know. And you may be playing an important role on a super sized screen that you can't quite see......but it's always there, in the background - broadcasting your day. So be brave. Be courageous. And no matter how you feel about where you've been - be willing get up, breathe out, and begin again.