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Here is a quick little exercise for writing short books that change the world :)
turn your hook....into a book! A simple hack for writing short books that change the world

And a little back story :-)

Earlier today I Β took part in an experimental podcast for aspiring authors, publishers, & platforms in the health/wellness space.

(lots of doctors, therapists, chiropractors, mindfulness professionals, health coaches, nutritionists, alternative wellness workers.......those sorts of folks :) Β 

Anyway - I spent most of the 90 minutes listening, without saying much.

Most of the people who spoke up, shared their frustration with getting clear, getting published, and ultimately.....getting paid for their professional passion.

But what I found interesting, was that each of the people who spoke, had a "hook" of some kind.

(they would introduce themselves to the group and then sort of share their unique insight, their proprietary process or their AHA innovation in their niche, market or professional space) Β (this wasn't required BTW - which made it super interesting - they "led" with their hook - even in a casual conversation with professional peers) Β 

At the very end of the call, as we were wrapping up, I chatted with a pretty accomplished woman in the alternative wellness world, with a very proprietary process (and unique perspective on a common problem) who was lamenting the fact that she had yet to finish and publish her life story......and worried that her message would never truly reach (or resonate) with the masses as a result. Β 

I said - "why not turn your hook.....into the book?" Β 

She said - "tell me more! " Β 

So I did :) Β 

Here is the super trimmed down for FB exercise anyone can use for turning a "hook" into a book. Β 

1. Write the question......"What if I were to tell you...." on a piece of paper Β 

For example:

What if I were to tell you .....that the "healthy" food in your fridge is making you sick, bloated and sleepy? Β 

What if I were to tell you..... that everything you know about saving for retirement is a lie?

What if I were to tell you....that you'll make 10X the profits on your next book if you charge way too much..... and sell far fewer copies? (this has the added bonus of being true) Β 

What if I were to tell you..... that the best meditation technique ever discovered.....can be practiced on the subway, and takes only 12 minutes to learn?

2. The crucial move here is simply inserting your own "hook" and filling in and fleshing out the rest of the book! Β 

Short - clear, memorable, unique + valuable. (And if possible, should have a "secret sauce" or something that is unique or proprietary to you) Β 

Want to find your hook? All December long we'll be offering free calls, consultations and courses for inspirational authors, heroic healers, purpose driven professionals and enlightened entrepreneurs who want to wake up the world with your work.

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