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Outlink is awesome - and really simplifies the process of selling/recommending & promoting affiliate products on Shopify - something Shopify themselves - made inexplicably difficult by design.

Want to sell affiliate products or recommend partners on your store?  You'll need an app to do it well.  The good news is, Outlink makes it easy, and it's super affordable.  (about $5 per month)


As an affiliate marketer, and marketplace marketer who loves and uses Woocommerce, I've learned the hard way that Shopify isn't quite as friendly to the sort of affiliate links I like to use.

(YES, you can bulk add thousands of products using oberlo and similar apps from China and elsewhere, but that isn't the sort of store I want to build)

Instead?  Hand adding affiliate links to partner products and programs (content/courses, sites/services, books, blogs, etc - this is what i'm doing on a current community)

The OUTLINK app for Shopify makes this easy - and the guy who owns/runs/manages the app - is a rock star as well.  

(fast, friendly and super helpful - even after I sent an urgent help request - because I neglected to follow the directions - which is the story of my life :)

For setting up a simple E-commerce store, Shopify is awesome - and so too is Outlink.  

Get a Shopify trial below - and if selling affiliate products in the more carefully curated marketplace model appeals is your focus (as it is mine) - def install outlink to make your life super smooth.

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