Welcome to 2020!   If you're ready to write a book that changes the world......the following 10 types of books will help you quickly and easily get purpose, get published and get paid for your passion, or professional expertise.  

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Continue reading for the 10 types of books ideal for entrepreneurs and to register for the prizes.

Hey......want to take your publishing platform to the next level in the next 12 months?

We've got your back!

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We've been talking a lot about the magic of PRODUCTIZING your platform over the last few weeks.

Productizing will allow you to make more money, have more FUN, and grow far more quickly, with far less mess, stress, friction and fuss than just about everyone else competing in your space.

Writing a book is one of the absolute EASIEST ways to "Productize" your passion, purpose and platform.


If you are an online entrepreneur of any type - writing a book that shares your ethos, inspires your audience, and articulates your approach is critical to stepping up and standing out in the hazy, lazy shallow sea of sameness and similarity where most of your competitors will swim.

As we prepare to launch a brand new productized suite of services for our own audience in the self publishing space on December 2nd, I want to share with you the 10 types of books we're teaching our members to write.

1. A Leaders Light the Lamp Book

("How I did X Without Doing Y....and So Too Can You")

2. A Rules/Principles Book

"PRODUCTIZE! 7 Timeless Principles for Turning Your Passion into Perpetual Piles of Profit"

"The 11 New Rules for Writing a Book That Changes the World"


"21 Not so stupid questions about getting purpose, getting published and getting paid"

4. A Community Curated Book

"Mindfulness Is......50 short stories on waking up, slowing down and rediscovering magic, meaning and mojo in everyday life"

5. A Tips Book

"Yogatobekidding! 15 Meditation Tips for Skeptics, Cynics and the Curious but Not Convinced"

6. A How to Book (demonstrates a series of steps or "recipe" style system for achieving an outcome)

"How to Write a Short Book That Changes the World"

Also note: Paradoxically, "How to" books are often the least profitable books you can write. (they don't inspire an experience)

7. A Compilation Book (curate your own best content)

"12 unusually honest essays on launching a successful home based business after 40"

8. A New Way/Old Way Book
Contrast an old way of solving a problem with a new way. These are super easy to write - super easy to demonstrate empathy (by articulating an "old way" that YOU wasted time on - and then suggesting a better way that actually really works)

9. An Objections Book
List common objections to making progress on a particular path or process - and then overcome them (great for "bridge books" - writing books that guide a reader to take a single, specific action when they finish reading)

10. A Launch it With Less Book
My favorite personal template for writing short books that solve a specific problem, pop a pain, heal a hurt and establish you as an authority, expert, thought leader or go to guru in your niche, market, vertical or industry.

1. Introduction
2. Core Concept
3. One exercise or technique
4. Common challenges
5. Q and A
6. Small Ask
7. Big Ask

Make sense? If you are writing a book - or work with authors - and have any questions, as always, feel free to ask!

You can download this entire PDF, along with an audio outline - below.


Want to jump on the phone with me and discuss your project, platform or community? I'll be taking 3 new private clients in December - send me an email if you'd like to discuss the details.

- Ian


Ian Hollander