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Here are the two questions I get asked most often.

1. How do you stay so damn sexy into middle age?


2. Why do all of your ads say you WON'T help me write a best selling book? (when every OTHER ad promises they will?)

As far as #1, I'm sort of exaggerating how often that happens. Technically, it's never happened. Β Not once. Β Which hurts my feelings. Β Because I feel pretty good.

And It would only take like 30 seconds and really make a huge difference in my day.

Plus I would do it for you.

But I do feel sometimes people are thinking it, they just feel uncomfortable asking. So in case you're wondering, my secret is - I like to sleep late, I watch a lot of Keeping up with the Kardashians, drink a lot of wine and cry often and in public places at the dumpster fire that has become my life. (which opens up the pores and allows my unusually large aura to shine through)

As far as #2 goes, all of those ads that promise you are going to write a best seller with their "7 step system" drive me bananas. If you are serious about writing a book that changes the world........forget writing a best seller. If it comes, it's like the cherry on top, not the goal or end objective. Plus, It's easy.....because Amazon makes it easy. And like most things that are easy - it's not important. (and not going to do much for your brand, business or bank account as a result....OTHER than allow you to artificially inflate your ego and social media status with embarrassing updates about your best selling book that you know in your bones is only selling 9 copies a quarter at 2.99 a pop.

What WILL change the world...and change your life? Writing a " Bridge" book. A bridge book introduces an idea that inspires (or invites) an experience. And that experience is what you offer to your audience that allows them to immerse themselves more fully in your content, community, coaching, courses, ideas, events, products or programs.

A bridge book has two super salient features that differentiate it from other types of "inspirational" or self help style books.

1. Β It has a transformational trigger (or a unique idea, point or perspective that inspires (and invites) a deeper dive into your work and wisdom when the book is complete) Β The trigger is the epiphany or eureka insight.

2. Β It has a transformational turnstile - or an event or experience where the reader can take part in a process that leaves them walking out, changed, transformed or "different" from how they walked in. Β  The turnstile is the experience of activating actual change in the readers life.

This is rarely done through the book itself - and instead, is done through an immersion experience that offers more intimate access to you for the smaller percentage of readers who really want to make a big change in their lives, and find that motivation through your material.

This is the real secret to writing a book that changes the world. And it's much better advice than drinking wine to stay young and sexy.


Hope you are well!

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