Your transformational turnstile is the experience you offer your audience.  

It has a leader - a limit - deadline - and a rock star result.

It's the narrow niche and slender space by which your ideal audience steps through and accomplishes a BIG bucket list goal-  something that has a "before and after" feel - (they can map and track the trajectory of their lives BEFORE they accomplished this - and then again, after) and often something that's eluded them until you landed in their lives.

For example - in our business,  helping our clients write and publish their first book is that sort of BIG bucket list life moment & entrepreneurial accomplishment.  

Ask yourself this?

What is the REAL WORLD outcome they get from investing in you and your transformational experience - and in what period of time?    

Get to know your ideal audience - your quintessential client:

What do they buy - share - like - dream - do - wish - want ?  

And what will make them feel like a superhero?  

This is what you sell - the ultimate outcome - the real rock star result - the fantastic feeling someone has when you get them closer to what is magical, and most meaningful to their lives.