I can't remember quite where I heard this - but it's stuck with me ever since.

"I want to be rich in people"

When I think about my own life, what I love - and what I loathe - underneath it all - what inspires me and motivates me and moves me to think bigly - to act boldly - and to take risks in the service of something that very may well fall flat on it's face.....it's always with people as my passion.

You don't need much to be rich in people.  

And ironically, it often asks us to act in  ways that society tells us will make us poor.

I'm not sure if there is a magical formula for being people rich - but when it comes to business - to doing work you love - it's all about making people better.  Offering help - and hope and showing up with curiosity, compassion and authenticity in everything we do.  

Being confident and courageous - and be willing to light a lamp and lead the way

In this business - people often ask me about this "guru" or that. To be honest -  I really don't pay much attention.

A "Guru" isn't someone who stands on the roof and shouts about the great view.  She reaches her hand down, and pulls you up, so you can see it too.  

We can all do that in whatever we do best.

And that to me, is how you become rich in the only real thing that matters in the end.