What does #MASTERY mean to you?  

Do you need be become one, to claim it?

After listening to a really great interview with the late meditation teacher (and life coach) Robert Rabbin on Michael Gervais’s great podcast (on mastery)

we've been having some really interesting (and inspiring) conversations with others on the path of self discovery and achievement.

And, as we continue to build our PLATFORM self publishing program + mindfulmarketplace course community – I want mastery to be the core concept of everything we teach.

After all…….Life is better, when you relentlessly pursue excellence at every turn.

But mastery can be a fuzzy word.  A scary word.  An off-putting moniker that many claim without credential.

It need not be.

Mastery, at least to me – is experiential.

Its inquisitive.

It’s curious – and ongoing.

It’s a process and not a position – an evolving, growing, flowing and changing experience – and not a firmly found position somewhere later in space.

Ask yourself this:

What if mastery, the concept of being a master – wasn’t the end game?

What if it was the moment to moment experience of bringing your rapt attention – crystal clear clarity – and fierce focus to the intention of appearing in the world in the way that matters most to you?



The moment to moment “nowness” that says –

“THIS is my life. and THIS is what matters to ME. This is how I express it – in every moment I have the attention – and intention – to express and emote and show up in the world in a way that aligns with what I believe is authentic.”

Can you become a master of compassion, connection and showing up for the ones you love?

Can you become a masterful listener – the Michael Jordan or Elon Musk of deep listening and rapt attention to the woes and wants of those who need you ear?

Can you master authenticity – or generosity– or even being truely transparent – honest and absent the airs that so many of us wear?

All of a sudden, framed this way, mastery feels like something any of us can strive to achieve.

Greatness feels within grasp.

This inspires me to stay on the path – with both feet firmly planted in the magic of THIS moment – to wake up and show up right NOW.

(and not one ideal day far away)

What about you?

Think about what you’d like to master – and worry not about where you are on the journey to become one.

Just plant your flag here. And now. And like the rest of us trying to figure it all out – just begin