🐱 MEET Slingshot.🐱

Slingshot is a very famous author.

Okay, you're right.

Slingshot is not a very famous author.

And that hurts her feelings.

Because she wants to be.

πŸ™€ Slingshot has been working on her soon (probably never) to be published best selling book for 4 years.

Slingshot has very few legitimate excuses about why it hasn't been written.

She doesn't work.
She never leaves the house
And she has a small group of humans tending to her every need.

😼 Slingshot's got it good.

And yet, deep down, she is unfulfilled.


🐾 Because her paws pop with passion. 🐾

And there is a book, she knows in her bones, that she was born to write.

But there is a problem with Slingshot, and her big, BOLD publishing plans.

Slingshot has been doing everything the OLD WAY for far too long.

Reading the same author ads, the same offers, the same ebooks, the same masterclasses, the same promises.....over and over and over again.

She even bought the dictation software to "speak her book" because the 4am infomercial guy now offering author advice promised her it was a good idea.

But even that didn't work


😾 Because cats can't speak, silly.

Even superstars like Slingshot.

And besides, if Slingshot could speak, she would expend all of her vocal energies re-enacting the final beach scene from * POINT BREAK* with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze for her human housemates.

After all, they've watched it like 21 times in 2019 alone.

Because that would be freaky.

And awesome.

"You gotta go down Bodhi!"

"I can't live in a cage, Johnny Utah!"

She knows the whole thing by heart by now.

(Spoiler alert - Swayze takes a long swim)

But let's get back on track. You need to focus.

Slingshot deeply immersed in her writing process.

Because there is good news.

😹 Here is what Slingshot has just learned.

There is a new way.

A new way of writing a quality book that changes your life.

That builds buzz for your brand.

That cultivates a community and connects you to your quintessential client.

That aptly captures your unique voice, your professional expertise and the transformative experience your words and wisdom can offer your ideal audience.

And the little sardine on top?

This book is going to be super easy to write.

(we'll even help you every step of the way)

Slingshot feels it in her fuzzy feet.

2020 is almost here.

😻 And it's gonna be her year. 😻

Will it be yours?
Find out by joining us.


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The old way has had it's day.

The gimmicks, the grifters the gurus and the perpetual promises that are destined & doomed to disappoint?

It's high time they went away.

It's a new year.

And it's time for a new way

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