What:  Ghost is a great way of building your entire digital media brand under one platform.  You can restrict content, sell memberships, create subscriptions, build your newsletter and create a beautiful blog all under one roof.  

Walkthrough:  In this video, I show you how easy it is to set up the basic foundation of a membership/subscription style site on Ghost....without getting your fingers messy with plugins, code or external dependencies that if i'm being honest.....on Wordpress, have already robbed me of some of the best years of my life.  (and led to a 2am taco bell and wine problem that i'm still trying to disabuse myself of today...which ain't easy, now that our collective species is working from home and bed head and 1pm wake up calls are the norm)

What does that have to do with Ghost?   Absolutely nothing.  I just can't get my ADD medication until Instacart will pick up from my ex-girlfriends house, which isn't looking likely anytime soon.  So get used to the odd and eccentric additions to otherwise valuable entrepreneurial advice.

Also note - we use Podia for members, subscriptions, drip sequences, downloads, affiliate programs and community courses on MindfulMarketplace.  A slightly different approach, but also highly recommended.