1. Make things you love for people like you.
2. Start by making the smallest, simplest stuff you can. One page, one checklist, one recipe, one helpful video that heals a hurt, pops a pain or offers one solution to one pressing problem.
3. Give that small, simple stuff away for free.
4. Optimize, Improve, Tweak and Critique your stuff.
5. Invite your fans, friends and followers to evangelize for your stuff. (you can incentivize some of them as affiliates too, but if you make stuff you love, for people like you, you'll be surprised at how many people will like, share and spread the ❤️ simply because it feels good to share good stuff)
6.Create a premium product, program, event or experience that a small percentage of the people who love your free stuff, will also love - and be happy to pay to have more intimate access to you.
7. That product, program, event or experience should have a specific deadline to achieve a desirable outcome, a defined quantity or limit - and a clear leader. (preferably you

8. Organize your audience (the growing group of people who love your free stuff and the small group of people who love and buy your premium products)
9. Automate everything (use free or low cost tools for delivering your products, engaging & emailing your audience and billing for your blog, brand and business)
10. Keep it real, and stay humble. Don't play silly games. Don't pretend to know stuff you don't, don't' pretend to know it all, and don't pretend to be someone you're not. This is surprisingly difficult when people start to love, share and admire you and your work. I find that working with bed head and in footsy pajamas keeps my ego in check and reminds me that at bottom, my life remains a dumpster fire - but your mileage may vary


11. Repeat.


Grow. Lead. Do good work for the right reasons.

Be kind. Be generous.

Stay honest, especially when it costs something to do the right thing for people who trust you. Cultivate a community. Be grateful for the gift of doing work you love.

Challenge yourself always.

Pay it forward.

Remind yourself of this imperative often, and everything else will take care of itself.

Ian Hollander

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