I know, I know, no one likes a copycat.    And copying isn't nice.  

(unless you're that guy who wrote "Steal like an Artist" and sold a zillion books around the idea that everyone likes to copy, while hating copycats - another strange experiment in self deception our species seems to enjoy)

Here are the facts.  Facebook keeps on firmly planting it's large footprint in it's metaphorical mouth.   And each time they get in trouble for sharing too much data, or giving too much user info away, they seem to add another layer of transparency to the platform.  As users, that's a good and noble thing.  As an advertiser, that can be a delicious shortcut for amping up your own ad campaigns,and leapfrogging the learning curve for creating profitable copy that converts.

How to Spy on Your Competition on Facebook (The Easiest Way to Ethically “Steal” Their Best Ads)
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The key takeaway is this:

 If you're an advertiser on FB (or aspire to be) you can use this information to see exactly what other folks in your niche, industry, vertical or market are doing with thier ads, including the current copy they're currently running....how long those ads have been running, which ads have been discontinued, etc.

(Note - contrary to what some not so honest "entrepreneurs" are saying/selling - you don't need any spy tools to do this.  It's all 100% on offer  under the page transparency section available on any FB advertisers profile.  Watch the video to see the exact steps and sequence you'll need to do this the right way)