Q:  Is Ghost a good platform for teaching online courses?  And if not....which platform would you recommend instead?

A:  If you're looking for the ideal online LMS for teaching courses, Ghost has some really appealing advantages.  Most notably, it allows you to create an all in one blog, brand and "coaching" community by dint of it's new 3.0 members and subscription features.  

If you haven't tried them yet, the Ghost 3.0 subscription modules allow any blogger to create protected or restricted content that is available ONLY to premium or paid subscribers.  

While this sounds great in theory, as of this writing (late feb 2020) I'm still not convinced that Ghost is the best platform for teaching a course.  

It's close...and it's coming, but as of now, I tell my clients and community to use an all in one platform like Podia instead.  (you can even use a lower cost analog like Gumroad to faciliate the same)

I do believe that Ghost WILL quickly evolve into the ideal SAAS for bloggers and solopreneurs who want to teach online courses in the future, but as of right now, it's simply not mature enough to truly create a course community that your readers will love. (note - you can do this on Podia right now - and while it's a little bit priceier than Ghost pro - it offers much more flexiblity when it comes to eccommerce, courses, memberships and selling digital downoads - if you need to see an example - I'd recommend you check out our mindfulmarketplace Podia store, here)

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