I have absolutely no idea what sort of automatic algorithmic recommendation engine Godaddy uses to match customer interest, with potential domain purchases.

I do know that fuck.net is not anywhere in the universe of my past purchasing portfolio, which makes this recurring suggestion, feel a bit weird.

I do wonder if they’ve somehow managed to peek into my private life, where I spend a good part of every day watching Netflix Ayahusasca documentaries, and trying to hold my breath for long periods of time.

But that’s not really a “fuck” thing, as much as it is that i’m too cheap to buy a ticket to peru, and too lazy to walk over to the new floatation tank franchise that just popped up down the street.

Stop mocking me, Godaddy. I need more Buddha nature, less Pornhub in my life.

Plus, between us, I can’t really afford fuck.net.

I could swing fuck.us, or fuck. xyz, or potentially, depending on the counter offer which I’m hoping to get today, fuck.coach.

But anything beyond that, is wildly inappropriate and hurts my feelings you’d even suggest it once, let alone every time I log in.

Thanks again. I’m going back to bed. And this time, I’m turning my webcam off.

Mother Ayahuasca, where were we?