Here is a short comment I posted to elaborate a bit on the recording above, on why I believe buidling directories on wordpress (with mylisting or any other theme) is a bad idea for most, and the evidence for success is pretty grim at best.  (and why with the right can amp up the odds in your favor, pretty much for less money than it would cost you to develop a directory on Wordpress the right way, to begin with.  Read the comment below - and you can see the original discussion on the youtube link as well)

Thanks, Brian - I agree, none are perfect analogs to a true "directory theme" - Glide is probably the closest in terms of use case (as many folks are in fact building directories, guides, restaurant review sites, local marketplaces, etc) and if it did some other things well (which it doesn't now, but ultimately should) I do think that sort of SAAS will be the WP killer for these sorts of use case sites.  (as you know in your biz - these are outlier use cases for WP projects)  As far as straight alternatives - other than subpar solutions like Brilliant Directories - or similar half baked SAAS solutions for directory sites - no.  Something like Sharetribe isn't a true replacement (although the newest FLEX product is killer cool and awesome for bookings/rentals and "directories" in a slightly different way) My own focus has always been "how can we use a site like this to build authority - to create the "appearance" of expertise - to develop an asset - to create irresistible offers (e.g. - we'll build you x or y or z - then we'll do x - then we'll do y - and finally we'll feature you on this site as the #1 option for Chiro or Chinese food or Camping in Chicago" - with coupons, your products, an interview, etc)   The "Asset" piece was always the bright and shiny object - the competitive advantage that no one else could match (after all - how many other agencies will also own a local authority site that gets first page traffic on their niche/product/menu/service, etc) - BUT - the WP builds - by and large - lost their magic.  (with so many tens of thousands of versions of each theme - and such a low barrier of entry - so few "superpowers" to show off)  So my answer now is find the software, services, products, platforms, tools and tech that DON'T fail - a newsletter (like revue/substack/curated) can be that MAGIC or secret sauce for one piece of the platform - a tool like Elliot (straight marketplace magic for multi-vendor platforms with Stipe payouts for vendors, vendor profile pages, etc....baked into the underlying ethos) - a true multi author blog magazine/newspaper with Ghost (with affiliate links/or a "membership" model) etc - all of these are pretty foolproof at what they do - and we can borrow them to build something great - leverage them to launch something that no one else will - and then promote our clients, community with a powerful platform that offers many options for monetization...all while building an underlying asset that isn't vulnerable to a plugin author deciding to retire to Tahiti 18 months after 10 thousand sites are reliant on their stuff to work.    I also find that TRAFFIC is now so, so easy to get using other platforms like FB (again, what can you borrow to build/leverage to launch/who has your audience, eyeballs, etc) - that the directory piece for traffic an authority is much less relevant now - but what DOES matter is conversions, sales, marketing magic/mojo for the very same folks who once were happy just being listed on this sort of "authority site" - now actually saying - hey, screw the listing - we're going to help you sell more stuff on Day 1 with actual magic - ads/offers, affiliates, etc - this is where i'm focused going forward - and it's a lot more fun to boot.