how to build a marketplace on Elliot (video #1)

Elliot is a great new E-commerce platform that allows anyone to build a super cool, innovative store, shop, brand or community channel for selling just about anything under the sun.  (as of this writing in January of 2020 - you CAN sell digital downloads on Elliot, although I would argue, and as I cover in this short video series......I do think this is an area that needs a bit of improvement both in user and admin level experience)

But if you're looking to build a multi vendor marketplace platform (like we are doing with Elliot makes it super simple, and super sexy to quickly add new brands to your store - and to empower your partners to publish products - and get paid (instantly, via Stripe) without plugins, problems or the perpetual pain that Wordpress and other similar solutions foist on store owners.  (including Shopify - which requires external premium apps to accomplish the same end objective)

how to build a marketplace on Elliot (video #2)

Check out Elliot, here.  It's an amazing alternative to Shopify, Bigcommerce and even platforms like Squarespace, who are also gaining traction in the E-commerce space - but that aren't nearly as cool and creative as Elliot is already....and by dint of the super speed that they are launching USEFUL new features and functionality - all signs suggest it's going to continue to get better and better in the weeks and months to come.

Start Selling in Seconds. 🔥 - Elliot
Instantly sell & ship to 130+ countries, no coding, customization or credit card required.