The Old way:  Plan, plot, strategize, sink, study. Aim, Organize, optimize, obsess. Think, re-think, plod, ponder, wonder, wander (out to an exciting edge) and peek......BUT continue to perpetually perfect.  (Don't do this :)

The New way. F*ck the old way. Dive in and do it. Before it's perfect. Before it's ready. Before you're ready.

It's easier to act your way into a new way of thinking, than think your way into a new way of acting.

If you want to be brave, to be bold, to be courageous - don't wait for the perfect time.

It's not coming.

Close your eyes and jump.  

(DO do this:-)

PS - Our mission is to empower & inspire 1 million new entrepreneurs to write books, build brands and tell stories that change the world. Teach what you know. Do what you love. Wake up the world with your work.

PPS - If you're writing a book, launching a blog, or building a brand in 2020 - feel free to give me a call next week.  (302) 547-0578.  I'm scheduling phone time with anyone in my audience who wants to brainstorm a bit on building a brand - and if you're in the process of launching something great - I'm happy to help - just reply with some details about you and your project or platform & what time works best.