Start small - think series.  Commit to more than 1.

Paradoxically, this will free you up to publish - rather than procrastinate - as whatever you can’t fit - will be in your next book - your next course, your next product or program.

11 new rules for writing a book that changes the world

Yes....It sounds counter intuitive when you’re struggling to get the first piece published.

But knowing you’ve got lots more creativity (and contribution) to come, (this is where you’re content cornerstone is super important!) committing to MORE than one is NOT adding to your overwhelm.

Instead?  It’s actually incredibly freeing.   It removes the urgency in feeling like you’ve got to data dump all of your niche knowledge, or industry expertise into THIS book, or THIS course, or this product…right now.    

It’s like the ultimate self publishing power up for authors who can’t quite seem to get their shit done.  

So take a deep breath.  Start small. And think series.    

If it’s important - there will be plenty of time to say it all.