(Grand Prize Winner #1 announced on Feb 14th 2020)


One lucky author will win the grand prize which includes over $35K in done for you services, software, products, programs, content, courses, coaching and premium promotion for your book, blog, brand and business across the mindifulmarketplace platform.

The Grand Prize Includes.

1.  Collect, Connect & Convert.  (our brand new, full service, proprietary publishing platform for inspirational authors & enlightened entrepreneurs)

2.  Get purpose, get published and get paid!  Finally :)   You ARE a published author!  You will have a completed, published book completed in 2020.  Not only will we help you write the book (with our proprietary Collect, Connect and Convert Guided Author Service) you book will be part of a strategic, step by step plan and process designed to build your brand, grow your business, culitvate a community and attract tje exact clients you need to succeed both in the next 12 months....and many years to come.  (included....and  value?  priceless!)

3.    Turn your book into a blog, your blog into a brand and your brand into a business! An ecommerce enabled, membership and subscriptions site for your book launch with a customized content creation and marketing map for expediting exposure, maximizing readers and aquiring your ideal audience in minimum time.   ($2997 real world value.....included!)

4.  A custom high converting landing page for your book launch.  ($497 value......included)

4.  Pixelize and Profit!  Our advertising & tracking module for authors (a $997 value.....included)

5. Refer Madness!   Three Modules for 10Xing your audience, impact and income in the next 12 months through the magic of affiliate marketing & our preferred partnerships program.

  1. Our Done for you module!  Our affiliate marketing module and course for authors and entrepreneurs.  (Turn your readers into enthusiastic incentivized evangelists for your book, your blog, products, program, content, courses, coaching or community with a custom affiliate program set up for you......100% free)

2.   Our preferred partners module!  Our partnership & platform promotional program - we'll promote YOUR book, blog, content, coaching, courses, products and programs to OUR audience as an affiliate/partner for you brand and business.  Get a HUGE head start and instant exposure with an existing audience of over 25K online mindfulness and entrepreneurial professionals. with interviews, reviews, done for you ad campaigns and more - where we will advocate for YOUR business as an affiliate.  (a $1497 value......included)

3.  Our affiliate invitation module!  Become a preferred partner on our mindful marketplace community as an affiliate for us - earn an amazing income promoting our proprietary author and entrepreneur offers for helping, healing and spiritual growth spaces)

6.   "AuthorAsk Audience Insights" - We'll DO it for you!  (a $1997 Value) - We'll build you a custom, interactive quiz, survey or Q and A to do market research before and after your book launch -  ASK your audience to help you pick the perfect book title - or ASK your audience what product or program they'd buy next IF you only made it -  or ASK your ideal audience what they're biggest challenge is, or they're biggest problem or pain point.....so you can create content, courses, products and programs that pops pains, heals hurts, and solves the SPECIFIC problems your ideal audience identifies FOR you in advance.  (this allows YOU to step up, stand out, do GOOD, offer genuine help, while elevating your offers in your niche, market, vertical or industry.

7.  Teach and Transform!  We will build for you a customized curriculum for turning your book hook into a profitable online course that attracts an audience, transforms your brand, and offers your fans, followers, readers and subscribers the opportunity to immerse themselves more deeply with your experience and expertise.   Our customized course creation module ideal for inspirational authors, transformational teachers, and enlightened entrepreneurs - and you'll be able to teach, reach and resonate with your readers in a much more engaging way than just through your book alone.  (BONUS - we will host, package and PROMOTE your course on our mindful marketplace online learning community.  This gives you instant access to our engaged audience of life long learners, passionate about personal growth, spiritual development and optimizing their performance in health, wealth and optimal wellness.

8.  Lifetime access to our entire library of content, courses, classes on mindfulmarketplace.com.

9.  PRODUCTIZE YOUR PLATFORM!   Scale your services, automate your income and explode your impact with a productized platform.  (a $1997 value)  Learn how to convert your service oriented business into a product based one - and unhook yourself from the "trading time for money" limitations inherent in 99% of coaching, consulting and service oriented professions.  You'll get a customized content marketing map ideal for converting standardized services into a "productized" platform - with step by step templates ideal for quickly, easily and ethically building products, programs, courses and communities around your professional passion and personal expertise.

10.  10X your audience, impact and income in the next 12 months with our proprietary Platform10X coaching program designed for inspirational authors and "enlightened" entrepreneurs.  52 weeks of clarity consultations, marketing masterminds, and customized coaching, consulting and hand holding to ensure that your book, blog, brand and business truly transforms lives in 2020.  (both your life...and the lives of your readers, subscribers, ideal audience and clients alike)

And a lot more......!  If writing a book is important to you - and building your brand and transforming your business in the next 12 months is something you're excited to do, this is an amazing opportunity to not only leap frog the learning curve, but to get access to a world class suite of software and services that we promise, will change your life!   Join us below!