ASK ME ANYTHING!  NOTE - I'm going to share verbatim questions that have come from real readers, subscribers and clients in this ASK ME ANYTHING section, and the real recommendations I've made along the way.  (i'll also include my WHY as well - so hopefully that helps pick the right tools, technologies and techniques to build, grow and launch valuable brands and businesses in the next 12 months.  

A lot of the folks who we are working with in 2020 are interested in teaching an online course.  

And if you're an author, a coach, a consultant, a teacher (or even more generically, an "online entrepreneur") augmenting your income with easy to create online classes, courses and digital downloads is a dead simple & smart decision.

But what online platform should you cho0se to teach your course in 2020?   The good news is, you have lots of options.

Teachable. Kajabi.  Thinkific.  Wordpress.  Pathwright.  Gumroad.  Kartra.  And our favorite online course platform, PODIA.  (we use both Podia and Pathwright for - but Pathwright, while awesome, is a much more entreprise grade tool for schools, and not so much for solopreneurs or single platform teachers.

Question:  (from "Profit" Glen on Youtube)

Podia charges $79 a month for the option to sell memberships. For a one-time fee of $80, I can buy CMS Pro ($50) and the shop add-on ($30) and have no monthly payments (other than hosting which I can find very affordably). Also, there are other hosted solutions that are much cheaper. that do digital downloads and memberships.

Answer:  (from Me :)

Hi Glenn - Podia has a less expensive monthly option (I think it's $39) - but that to your point - doesn't include Patreon style memberships and affiliates.  I don't know what CMS PRO is - but the closer cousin or analog would be Wordpress and it's cacaphony of premium online LMS alternatives (Sensei, or any of the free/freemium online LMS analogs) - but here is the thing - Podia offers much, much more than what you illuminate above - they have a full featured email autoresponder/drip/coupon system - pre-launch pages - great looking landing pages - affiliate onboarding and set up (which is critical for a serious online digital media brand & business) - 1 click product bundles - DRIP + metered based COURSES, a complete student portal for your students and clients, etc, etc - I use another online LMS for a marketplace (see our FB community - - that costs 5X what Podia charges - is great - but offers significantly less features (but offers better course ecosystem for students and multi-vendor teaching platform, which we need for this community).  The truth is - using an outside, well supported platform is a peace of mind thing - a focus on the metrics that matter - (rather than hosting/tech/upates or wrangling with a script) - and knowing 100's of serious online entrepreneurs who teach, train or offer classes - very few use the style scripts you mention above - if they're not using Teachable/Thinkific/Kajabi - they are on Wordpress - and/or primarily teaching on Udemy/Skillshare as their primary source of income.  Podia also offers discounts for annual memberships that reduce the 79 a month considerably - and as an affiliate for Podia - that's what I see most folks who buy (using my link, so I see the transaction) taking advantage of as well.

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