I just recorded a short video outlining a new approach we're using to grow our MindfulMarketplace client community.  The irony is, it's a very OLD approach that everyone can copy and requires no ad budget, no employees and nothing other than *grit* to get massive momentum.

This is the exact approach I used to build my first directory community about a decade ago.  I'm going back to using it again today.

The reason?  

We've been dumping lots of money into ad campaigns and they simply aren't converting.  Yes, the ads are getting tons of likes, loves, shares and comments.  

But in terms of actually turning strangers into subscribers...and subscribers into sales?  

Terrible conversions.  

(I spent a week writing the copy on a brand new landing page promoting an exciting new offer to our fans and followers - out of almost 2 thousand visitors to the page from a FB ad,  less than 30 (as of today) have signed up for the email offer.  (and it's a free offer :)

So while I'm NOT stopping our FB ad campaigns, we are running a new email outreach effort to run in tandom.  And one day in, I've already got more real world interest from a simple unsolicited email, than we've gotten in 2 weeks from ads.

The steps are simple.

1. Write email (you can read the exact one we're using, here)
2.  Hire someone to send it  (or send it yourself, much the way I did years ago)
3. Test/tweak/optimize and improve the content, the copy and the CTA (the thing you are asking people to do when they're done.  make this as "irresistible" to your audience's interests as possible)

This really works.  And you can see the whole campaign, as it exists today, right below.

1. Video of whole strategy - https://youtu.be/IQ1Tx8Mzn7M
2. The exact email we're using

If you're staying in this weekend like I am, and you are truly serious about building something you love, take 48 hours and just work on this.  It works for me - and it will work for you, i promise.

Hope all is well!