Here is a short clarity building exercise every non fiction author + content creator ought to do before sitting down and fleshing out their class, course, blog post or book.

These exercises certainly aren't new - and certainly are not mine - but are super helpful for cultivating clarity and confidence when publishing something new.

They aren't set in stone.  Like all similar clarity questions, they can be customized for your own content, creativity, campaigns + end objective.  (e.g. - some of these will vary a bit depending on whether you are writing a book - teaching a course, or creating other educational content to build your brand)

 (I first read a variation of this approach by the odd, eccentric late, great & prolific copywriter (and convicted con) Gary Halbert  and more recently, variations of this approach have been taught and popularized by a wide and varied assortment of online entrepreneurs.....from direct marketing mastermind Dan Kennedy to and through the folks behind the popular"Book in a Box" platform for non fiction authors.   (theirs is the version I'm using for the sample "book" example below, as I know that many of you reading this are publishing your first book in 2020)

  1. Who are you writing the book for?  (anyone who wants to......)
  2. Why will they care?  (they have a persistent problem that your primary point/perspective will help them hurdle)
  3. What result must you get for the book to be a success?  (I want/need more clients, event attendants, course sign ups, shop sales, "mission" members....etc.  This an incredibly important question to answer honestly - as so many of us recognize that our stated motivations for writing a book don't always align with our authentic objectives  - writing a best seller is an ego elevating experience - but in the modern "Amazon makes it easy" self publishing era (thanks Jeff Bezos!) is often an exercise in artificial ego inflation - rather than a pragmatic, practical, platform building, mission or brand expanding experience that actually gets you closer to your goals.  (e.g - you can write a best selling book in some obscure category or "game" the Amazon algorithim in tons of ways to "earn" #1 best seller status for a day or an hour or a week or two - but if you've only sold 6 books - you're really only playing/gaming your own goals - in the service of a silly, superficial status statement that gets you nowhere worth going.
  4. What audience must you reach for the book to reach those results?  (aspiring authors, overwhelmed moms,  underpaid entrepreneurs, new online business owners, etc)
  5. What will you say them to that audience that will be valuable to them, inspire them, lead to a eureka/epiphany moment or experience  (i will share the exact system for writing a "bridge" book that introduces an idea that inspires or invites an experience)

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