Here is a short list of some great tools, tech and suite of products you can use to write a book, create a course, or launch a product in 2020.  

A quick note - I originally posted this on our blog back in 2018 - and a few of these tools have gotten progressively better since the original share.  (one or two maybe obsolete as well)  I still highly recommend Podia for those of you creating courses, building communities, or selling digital downloads, and we use it daily on our own store, here.

And all of them I use at least monthly – and several are becoming cornerstone tech in my own work and process flow. I’m going to make a recording discussing these in a bit more length to attach to this post – but in the meantime, here it is.

Convert Your Content into Courses

  • Podia (ideal for teachers, trainers, authors and content marketers who want a full suite of marketing services to promote our business.  Landing pages, autoresponders, drip email campaigns – get paid instantly for digital downloads, content &courses, coaching and more.  Check out my example here.
  • Teachable (the market leader for small business and solo-preneurs who want to launch an online school.  Check out our “learn mindfulness community”being built on the teachable platform here.  (launching Feb 2017)
  • Thinkific (like teachable – smaller platform and user base, but very popular with users.  Has some small UI advantages over Teachable in my view……but the landing pages and front facing course/curriculum pages don’t look as good in my view.
  • Gumroad (great option for digital downloads, email marketing and is most affordable option of the bunch for a premium plan – starting at about $10 a month)
20 tools for online entrepreneurs and content marketers
20 tools for online entrepreneurs and content marketers

Writing and Organizing

  • Workflowy (awesome list taking app – organizational tool – and generally awesome for everything an author/maker/marketer or disorganized schmo like me needs to stay focused on point and on task)
  • Hemingway app
  • Ulysses (great writing app – beautiful, easy to use)
  • Author app (create beautiful documents with beautiful fonts – convert them to great looking PDF’s, or host on the authorapp platform to teach your content in a beautiful elegant way)
  • Reedsy (awesome free platform for writing &publishing to Amazon – lots of extra features, well worth checking out)
  • Adioma – Create great looking, intuitive visual guides for your books, your content, your courses, and more.  Pro tip:  I use Adioma to organize and outline my content in a visual and heirarchecal way, so I can stay on point when my overly caffeinated brain starts to drift in tangential directions.  (please note:  I refuse to spell check heircarchechal)

Transcription (Record your book!)

  • (great way to turn your RECORDED content into a book or course – steal of a deal – $20 for the year and exponentially increases transcription speed)
  •  A phenomenal tool for recording, and then transcribing (auto-magically) your conversations into content.  Designed for transcribing interviews, it’s actually an ideal tool for content creators, authors, marketers and bloggers who prefer to speak their wisdom, rather than write it.


Refind for Writers (brand new:  just launched Jan 31st to the public – Refind is a great way to save, collect and curate great content around the web.  Now they are offering a Refind community specifically for writers.  Great way to connect with other authors – and a great way to get your best content in front of more eyeballs…including people with influence.

Reditt A popular “sub” reddit with an active community of authors, writers, tips, light hearted humor, advice and otherwise. Like everything Reddit – enjoy at your own peril

Cover Design

  • Canva (for covers)(Canva is free (even though I pay for pro) and allows you to create a Kindle worthy cover in about 5 minutes flat – no joke.  Beautiful templates for all sorts of content covers (and obviously, much more) – Canva is awesome.
  • Fiverr  (You can still get a great cover on Fiverr for $5 or $10 – I see them all the time, have gotten a few myself – and if you don’t have the time to design your own in Canva, but are on a bootstrap budget when it comes to investing your book, Fiverr is still well worth checking out.

Video recording and Teaching tools

  • (webinars, courses – Crowdcast is super smooth, super sexy and uber cool way to record presentations, webinars, teach courses, take questions, create landing pages, private access content and more…..highly recommended for teachers/trainers/webinar marketers – blows the “Gotowebinar suite of stuff out of the water)
  • Opentest (now called LOOM – killer cool screencasting, talking head videos, download your videos instantly, share on youtube, share via link, share via email…….bookmarklet/browser based – totally free and 100% awesome)
  • Viewedit (similar to LOOM, beautiful UI, great front facing recording mode – but……as of last check doesn’t allow for video downloads (meaning you can’t upload easily to youtube, etc) which is only drawback when LOOM does same thing – and you can)
  • Screencastfy is awesome, and as of this writing (June 2017) what I use for my own recordings.  Automatically post your videos to YOUTUBE, download, export to MP4, export to animated GIF, record yourself, your screen, or if you have a part time job as a phone sex operator like me, both at the same time.  (just kidding Mom.  About the phone sex part - not the Screencastify being awesome part.  That is 100% true)

There you have it.  20 cool, creative and kick butt tools for authors, makers, marketers, content creators and phone sex operators.

Any questions?

[email protected]  (put - “what are you wearing” in the subject line)